Google Search Feature Determines The Sexuality Of (Most) Celebrities

Can Google get much gayer? They're already in hot water with former U.S. Sen. and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum for refusing to sever his name from a filthy sexual term that sex columnist and gay activist Dan Savage created especially for him in honor of Santorum's anti-gay rhetoric.

But a new feature that allows users to learn the sexuality of celebrities based on a synthesizing of articles found by the search engine takes things to a new level.

Using Google's gaydar is easy. You just type "is [name of suspected celebrity here] gay (or bi or straight)?" into the search box and Google will its "best guess" based on all of the available information (in the form of relevant websites) and present its findings. While it seems to work for many straight and out celebrities, controversial celebrities who have been accused of hiding in the closet don't seem to be fair game for the company's A.I. gaydar.

But who cares? We don't need a computer to tell us which leading men and women are engaging in same-sex loving -- we've got our own perfectly tuned human gaydar for that.