Google's 'Smart TV' To Debut Thursday: REPORT

Google's 'Smart TV' Platform To Be Unveiled Thursday: REPORT

As we wrote earlier this week, Google is reportedly collaborating with Intel and Sony to develop a new, Internet-enabled "Smart TV" platform.

Details on the "Google TV" platform are still thin, but insiders have told Bloomberg that the new technology, which will be used on set-top boxes, TVs, and other devices, will be powered by Google's Android operating system and run on a revamped version of Intel's Atom chip. Reports suggest that Sony intends to use the chip in a forthcoming line of products.

New information from TechCrunch offers the best proof yet that Google will unveil its "Smart TV" Thursday, May 20, at the Google I/O developer conference. (Find out how to follow Google I/O live here)

TechCrunch writes:

Google has set up an I/O press site for reporters like myself, giving us a concise overview of what has been announced so far along with screenshots and other supplementary material. One page, which contains all of the announcements from Day 1 of I/O, has a URL fittingly ending with "day-1-announcements". Being the mastermind that I am, I took it upon myself to switch the 1 to a 2, which led me to a nearly identical site that was devoid of content, save for a few key words:

"Insert Android press release / TV press release".

Bloomberg described the "Smart TV" experience as one where "the Internet access will be integrated with advanced television guides, personal content libraries and search." VentureBeat adds, "The platform can potentially support streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu, social networking integration, and even games."

Stay posted for more updates.

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