The World Unites In Flipping Off The Google Street View Car

The World Unites In Flipping Off The Google Street View Car

Few things on this planet bring people together quite like a common enemy. For those that value privacy, are perturbed by the thought of having corporations collect your personal data, or just enjoy flipping off people trying to take your picture -- the Google street view car is that enemy.

From coast to coast and around the globe, when it comes to the middle finger, there truly are no borders.

1. Boston, Massachusetts
You can hide the middle finger, Google, but you can't hide the truth. Or his shadow, also flipping you the bird.

2. Long Beach, California
Just keep driving and taking your little pictures, Google street view driver. Don't get out and help or anything.

3. London, England
He's just pushing up his sunglasses as offensively as he can.

4. Groningen, The Netherlands
This statue has the right not to be hassled in public!

5. London, England
Google street view catches the London taxi driver in his natural habitat.

6. Zealand, Denmark
"Grandma? Yeah, hold on for one second..."

7. San Francisco, California
Hey, we have a message for you...

8. San Francisco, California
"Fine, honey, I'll wear this ridiculous shirt you got me, just as long as no one sees me in it... DAMN IT, GOOGLE!"

9. Brooklyn, New York
"Oh, great. Now people will know this place exists, which means I can't live here anymore. Thanks a lot, Google!"

10. Santiago, Chile
Wrong hemisphere, Google. Calfornia's that way!

11. Tel Aviv, Israel
What? He's signaling a right turn.

12. Qondwane, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Having at times felt deserted by his employer on the other side of the globe, one Google worker finally feels like a real Google street view driver!

13. The Hague, South Holland, The Netherlands
This is SOUTH Holland, Google street car, where people will steal the tennis clogs right off your feet.

14. Scotland
As the street tough with the pink shirt, Jimmy felt it was his responsibility to act as spokesperson in the gang's dealings with the Google street view car.

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