Google Street View Catches Crime in Action: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer February 2, 2010

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A Google camera used to survey streets caught a criminal in the act. A Google Street View car roaming the neighborhood captured a tree removal company illegally cutting down and removing over twenty trees from a private property. Margaret Burnyeat had hired the company to chop down the trees, however, only had a permit to remove two of the 23 trees removed. While it has yet to be determined whether the Google Street View images will be used as evidence in court, it is a good reminder that you are always being watched.

Google is working on a new store that will sell software applications to businesses. The app store will reportedly mirror the iTunes app store, in allowing outside developers the ability to create applications that support and enhance Google's applications. Most of the enhanced applications will be available to Google Business customers, while there are no plans yet to make the app store available to everyday Google users.

Microsoft is trying to bridge the print and digital realms with a new product called Tag. Tag is a digital barcode image sampler that can operate from nearly any cellphone, including any Java-script enabled phones, RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone. As advertisers and publishers begin to roll out more barcode laden content, consumers will be able to learn additional information about the item simply by using Tag.

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