Cyclist Shows Off For Google's Street View Camera, Becomes Online Hero

"Name this street after him."

UPDATE ― Sept. 2: Google has apparently scrubbed the image of the cyclist from its Street View map, which originally showed the person dabbing for the camera on a street in Melbourne. 


A cyclist in Australia made the most of his encounter with a Google Street View car.

After spotting the vehicle snapping the streets of Melbourne in December 2016, the unidentified man chased it down a street — while dabbing the entire time.

Twitter user @prkzl stumbled across the images of the man pulling the dance move along Cecil Place and shared screen shots to Twitter on Wednesday.

His post has now gone viral, with fellow tweeters praising the biker for taking full advantage of his time in the (Street View car) spotlight.

Check out the cyclist’s antics via Google’s mapping service below:

And see how other people have reacted here: