Naked German Escaping From Trunk Spotted On Google Street View? (PHOTOS)

PHOTO: Google Captures Naked German Escaping From Trunk?

Google Street View recently launched in 20 cities in Germany, and already the first mysterious sighting has occurred.

The odd scene appeared at 39 Zwerchgasse in Mannheim, where a man, presumably nude, appears to be climbing from the trunk of a car while a dog lies on the ground nearby.

Oh Thursday, Der Spiegel discovered the image, which is currently unavailable. According to Google, the mysterious image "is under review and will be available soon."

Granted, this is not the strangest mystery to appear on Google Street View, but it raises a few questions. Is the man escaping the trunk or settling in? Is he really naked? Is the dog dead? What's with the equipment to the left of the car? Is this scene merely a prank on the Google Street View team?

Take a look at Der Spiegel's screen grab of the strange sight (below), and tell us your theories in the comments. Then, check out how Germans have pranked Google Street View in the past, and view our slideshow of the most mysterious Google Street View sightings, included below.

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