Google Tablet (PICTURES): A First Look At Google's 'iPad Killer'

Google Tablet: PICTURES Of Concept For Google's Own Tablet PC

*See pictures and video below*Since the iPad was unveiled, the Kindle has been most frequently cited as the closest competitor to the Apple Tablet. But Google, which Steve Jobs reportedly accused of wanting to 'kill us,' seems to be hard at work on its own 'iPad-killer.'

New pictures posted to the official Chromium website suggest that Google may have its own tablet in the works, and also offer renderings of what a Google tablet might look like. (Chromium is the 'open-source project behind the Google Chrome browser and Google Chrome OS.')

TechCrunch says of the pictures' origins,

And while Chromium is not actually part of Google, it appears that these mockups were put together by Glen Murphy, Google Chrome's designer. In other words, there's a good chance that the final version of Chrome OS will resemble this.

Chromium also posted a video demo showing how the device might work. One key feature of the demo is that it suggests users would be able to multitask with the tablet--something the iPad doesn't offer.


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