Google Out-Googles Itself With New Tel Aviv Office

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown By Google's New Office

It's common knowledge that Google's home base in Mountain View, Calif., as well as its satellite offices around the world, are some of coolest work spaces in business. As Google expands across the globe, they continue to outdo themselves on the incredible office front, and their new office in Tel Aviv, Israel, may be their greatest achievement yet.

Google's Tel Aviv office has a Lego room, a music room, a full gym, a slide between floors, a rooftop deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and much more. With beautiful beaches, incredible weather, and great nightlife, Tel Aviv is a super appealing city for the young, hip people that Google tends to attract. If you live nearby (or are willing to move), we're happy to let you know that Google is hiring in Israel.

Google's Tel Aviv Office

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