Would Anyone Be Able To Cook A Turkey Without Google's Help?

Without it, we'd all be eating microwave pizza for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is inching closer, which means people all over the United States are scrambling to put together the perfect turkey feast. And what better place to look for a recipe than Google

Data from the web giant show searches for "Thanksgiving" increasing steadily in recent days:

Top queries include "When was the first Thanksgiving?" and "What President made Thanksgiving a national holiday?"

People are also scouting out new cooking techniques and searching for answers to timeless culinary dilemmas:

These trending data also give us a glimpse into how Americans may be planning to cook their turkey. Turns out, roasting or smoking remain the most researched cooking techniques for this classic Thanksgiving dish:

Finally, Google Trends data answer another typical Thanksgiving question: stuffing or sweet potatoes? Apparently "stuffing" is a more popular search term in nearly every U.S. state, with the exception of North Carolina.

Personally, though, we'd take both.