Google Translate For Android Now Translates As You Talk (VIDEO)

Douglas Adams would have been proud: Google has just brought Planet Earth one step close to a Babel Fish of our own.

On Wednesday, Google unveiled a new Android feature which translates speech in real time. So far "Conversation Mode" -- an updated feature for last year's Google Translate -- is only available in Spanish and English, but the results are pretty cool. Once the app is activated, if you are speaking English, the phone instantly translates your speech into Spanish and then speaks it out loud, and vice versa.

The app is available for download now for Android users with 2.1 or higher.

In the video below from last September, google CEO Eric Schmidt previews Conversation Mode at a conference in Berlin.

Obviously the implications for travelers are pretty big. An app like this would make shopping, ordering in restaurants and travel arrangements abroad much easier. The overall app -- Google Translate -- is now seeing daily usage from more than 150 countries and supports 53 language for text input, according to Techcrunch. Techcrunch has more details here.

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