Google Translate Just Made It Much Easier To Text In Different Languages

This is kind of amazing.

Here's one good reason to upgrade to Android Marshmallow.

Google announced Tuesday a new update to its Translate app that will allow it to operate within other programs on your phone.

That means no more switching between apps if you need a bit of help getting your message across or figuring out what something means in your native language.

For example, you'll now be able to use Google Translate within WhatsApp to instantly translate a message from one language to another:


Something tells us college students doing semesters abroad might especially appreciate the update. (Imagine being able to text "Help! I can't drive stick" right when you need to.)

For now, the Translate update works with 90 languages in apps like TripAdvisor, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. Google noted in its blog post that a developer can easily enable the feature by using Android text selection, so you can expect to see the feature in more apps moving forward.

To reiterate, though, you do need the just-released Android Marshmallow for this to work. Newer phones should be receiving the update soon, though don't hold your breath if you're on a much older phone -- only a bit more than 20 percent of Android phones are running Lollipop, last year's version of Google's smartphone operating system.

 German: Waldeinsamkeit

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