Take Google Trekker On An Adventure And Help Street View Capture The World

Want to travel to an exotic location on behalf of a prestigious company? You're in luck!

Google is looking for adventurous people to take its new Street View tool, the Trekker, out for a spin. The Trekker is a backpack with a 360 degree camera attached, meant to bring Street View to places where its camera bikes, cars, trolleys, and snowmobiles can't go.

It's pretty simple to apply for a Trekker, you just have to explain the project you have in mind, give your contact information, and say whether or not you plan to help raise money for your trip. You can go it alone, or apply as part of an organization like a research group or a non-profit.

On the application, Google asks you to describe your project in detail. "Provide some detail about your proposed project, the location you want to share with the world via Street View, and why you think it’d be useful," the application reads. "Tell us what makes this place amazing, describe the type of imagery and any highlights you expect to capture, and let us know if your trip is already planned (if so, when?)."

Google recently used the Trekker to capture the world's tallest building on Street View. Google also used the Trekker to capture the Grand Canyon. The opportunities for the Trekker are pretty much endless if you're brave enough.

Keep in mind hauling the very heavy Trekker around isn't anything like actually working for Google -- amazing perks, lavish offices, high salaries. Still, why take a slide between floors or a Lego room when you can capture a gondola ride or climb a mountain?

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