Google 'Voice Search' Feature Coming Soon To Report

Don't touch that keyboard! is reportedly testing a new "Voice Search" feature for desktop users.

According to Mashable, the search engine has made Voice Search available to a limited number of users.

Screenshots of the feature show a search bar sporting a small microphone icon that instructs the user to "Speak Now."

Ustream's Matt Schlicht, one of the lucky few to spot and use the new feature, described the experience via Twitter. "I'm seeing Google Voice search on Works surprisingly well but is very awkward to use in the office," he reported.

Currently, Google's Mobile Voice Search is available for handsets built on popular platform, such as Android, BlackBerry and iOS. Google's latest web browser release, Chrome 11, features HTML voice input.

If Monday's reports are accurate, Google's desktop search engine may soon sport this speak-and-search technology, too.

You can view a screenshot of the new feature here.