Search Four Googles! (PHOTOS) Search Four Googles! (PHOTOS)

Thought GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle was just a typo of sorts? It's not!
is a new website that has just launched allowing users to perform four Google searches at once in a single window.

See the screenshot below:

Here's what it looks like when you perform four searches at once:

Why four Googles? According to the creators' entry on the site,

Alex and Erty were chatting on Google Talk one night, and Erty wondered if was taken. He jokingly wondered if they could set up a search service for Google itself. Unfortunately, was taken, but Alex pointed out that was available. In a impulse buy, they purchased the domain (Alex already had some hosting) and someone had the idea of putting four Googles on the page. Thus, GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle was born.

Give it a try!

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