Badass Dutch Goose Attacks Drone That Got Too Close To Its Nest

Watch Dutch Ninja Goose Defeat A Nosy Drone

Don't fly a drone over a goose's nesting area. Just don't.

This video from Dutch public broadcaster RTV Noord-Holland shows an irate goose attacking a drone -- and coming back for round two as the camera cuts out.

"It’s not surprising that the goose would attack the drone," said Geoff LeBaron, the director of the National Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count, an annual bird census.

LeBaron identified the bird as an Egyptian goose, and told The Huffington Post that it likely had a nest with eggs or young hatchlings in that idyllic pond.

"When these birds are nesting, they’re very protective of the airspace around them," he said. Swans and geese have even been known to brutally attack humans while defending their nests.

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