Goose Instructs Police Detective To Kindly STEP OFF

Do not cross this goose.

An Indiana police detective was just trying to grab his keys when he encountered an aggressive goose with no respect for authority.

Detective Ray Hall of the Clarksville Police Department was walking to the front door of the police station when the bird torpedoed toward him, sending the detective flying into a bush, FOX59 reported.

Surveillance equipment captured a recording the incident, which Lieutenant Shane Bassett posted to YouTube.

“Detective Hall forgot his keys... he then attempts to enter the building and is challenged by our local geese,” Bassett wrote. “Bad decision.”

In all seriousness, ABC affiliate WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky, picked up the story and spoke with their Louisville Zoo birdkeeper, Craig Mikel, who told the network that the goose was protecting its nest. And it doesn’t take an expert to know you don’t stand between a bird and its nest.

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