Gilbert The Goose Survives Dart Through Head

Some feathers were ruffled in Georgia when a loose goose was found with a dart through its head.

Sandy Springs woman Meg Harrison told WSB-TV she was at Arlington Memorial Cemetery on Tuesday when she saw the injured animal and reported it.

Though Gilbert was clearly unable to duck out of the way of the dart, it would appear the goose is doing swimmingly now.

AWARE Wildlife Center said they plan to pick up Gilbert and rehabilitate the bird.

Attacks on geese have become increasingly common over the past few years, officials told the station. Just last year, a goose was found in Cobb County, Georgia with its head pierced with an arrow, Fox Atlanta reported.

In 2010, a New York goose was found with an arrow through its neck. David Stanley told the Brooklyn Paper that the goose never bothered anybody.

“It must have been a stupid kid. These things happen," Stanley said.

Authorities have not yet found any suspect that fits the bill in Gilbert's shooting.