'Gooseinator' Clears Geese, And Accompanying Goose Poop, From Parks

Denver parks are introducing the "Gooseinator," and it has come to terminate geese.

Okay, more like chase away the geese in a humane fashion. But it does terminate a bigger problem: goose poop.

The Gooseinator is made of foam and shaped like a predator, with an electric motor that can glide on grass, water, ice and snow. It's controlled remotely, so a person can sit down and relax nearby while scattering geese as if they were controlling a remote control boat.

The City of Denver decided to buy the $2,997 Gooseinator after receiving complaints about all the goose poop in the parks.

“The average Canada goose can produce one to two pounds of droppings every day,” Mary Felegy, president of Fair Game Goose Control in Congers, N.Y., told the New York Times.

Anyone who's visited any of Denver's city parks knows that goose poop adds up quickly and that the geese don't really seem to fly south for the winter like they should.

Nonetheless, the Canada goose are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (pdf), so getting rid of them has become a political issue. That's where the Gooseinator comes in.

Denver's Deputy Manager of Parks Scott Gillmore told 9News that unpaid interns will be operating the Gooseinator.

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