GOP Act Is Like a Horror Movie with Laughs

Michele Bachmann is exhorting her constituency to not participate in the census. Somehow over looking the fact that if not enough in her district participate her job could go the way of extinction like the TRex.
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I find very little pleasure in politics at the moment, with compromised reform bills being the highlight these days there is nothing that really satisfies me deep down in my soul at least from this facet of life.

Which is why we all should take a moment and laugh our asses off at the GOP's recent binge of hilarity. Of course even these bits of madness cant be fully appreciated knowing this corner of the sublimely absurd is also doing things to not only threaten its enemies but attack them as well. I guess the only thing to do is just take it all as a metaphor for this era of politics.

However, before I try to cover this hallowed ground, I must acknowledge the current masters of getting laughs from political shenanigans. The list for me starts with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Stephanie Miller and her Mooks. Letterman deserves an honorable mention and last but not least the Democratic Underground's Top Ten Conservative Idiots by Earl G which I truly hope is only temporally on the shelf.

Back to the GOP and their hijinks, the one that really jumps right in your face at the moment is Michael Steele and his cohorts spending some serious money on RNC trips and there is just no delicate way to put this "a bondage-themed nightclub featuring topless women dancers imitating lesbian sex." Is that a mouthful or what?

After this no one can say those typically boring Republicans don't know how to have a good time. The total hypocrisy of it all is what makes this such so deliciously hilarious when we all desperately need a good chuckle.

Next is that genius Michele Bachmann who is exhorting her constituency to not participate in the census. Somehow over looking the fact that if not enough in her district participate her job could go the way of extinction like the TRex. Can this lady walk and chew gum at the same time? Proof this is a legit question Bachmann is quoted saying "100% Of Our Economy Was Private' Before September 2008." Wow some people are just not good with math. The military industrial complex that is paid billions of dollars by the government would not exist without said government participating paying the freight. Maybe she is referring to some parallel planet she seems to be living on that is run by conservative morons like herself.

Okay maybe just maybe she is parallel planet shifting like they do in the TV show Fringe and it might be throwing her game off.

Last to ponder is kind of another math issue. The Republicants have repeatedly said they will not cooperate with Obama because of blah blah blah. Now after losing the health care bill battle they are really mad and have said they are going to cooperate even less with our president. Most of us would take the zero cooperation Obama has received from them and conclude it can't get any lower than that. However they apparently use a different kind of measuring stick for their behavior. I am surmising using their unique way of judging these things that during the HCR debate they ran about negative 10% in their cooperation with the Dems. Now that they are really really really ticked off they intend to kick into the negative 50% zone. No doubt the prez is shaking in his boots at this prospect. However he could use this whole thing as a weapon against the Republicans saying these guys should not be trusted with running the government because they can't get the basics of math. Namely that as Billy Preston once sang a number of years ago that nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Of course this argument has a tad more substance than most of the criticisms from this group of right wing brain dead soulless politicians. Which I think has a nice ring to it for the Dems attack ads. As in, Don't vote for right wing brain dead soulless politicians because for one thing they cant add or subtract.

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