Donald Trump Willing To Sacrifice ‘Greatest Generation’ To COVID-19 In GOP Group Ad

"Band of Brothers" writer John Orloff channeled his anger with the Trump administration into The Lincoln Project's latest spot.

A writer on the “Band of Brothers” wartime miniseries is behind a new political ad accusing President Donald Trump’s administration of being willing to sacrifice the generation of Americans who fought in WWII to the coronavirus for the sake of the economy.

“Haven’t we asked enough of the Greatest Generation?” the narrator asks at the end of screenwriter John Orloff’s 60-second spot for the anti-Trump Lincoln Project that it released over the weekend.

“I watched the Trump administration — and its enablers — argue that they were quite willing to sacrifice the health and lives of our senior citizens, I was — and still am — shocked that this was an actual, real rationalization they were making,” Orloff told Mediaite.

“It seemed to me that we needed to be reminded exactly who these ‘old people’ are that some of us are so quick to sacrifice,” he said.

The spot “came from the heart,” Orloff tweeted.

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