Prize Of Christmas Breakfast With Donald Trump Makes Stomachs Turn

"No thank you. Would rather chew glass."

People aren’t hungry at the thought of eating a Christmas breakfast with President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, the Republican National Committee announced again via Twitter that one “lucky” person can win transportation to New York City on Dec. 2 to attend a special festive-themed meal hosted by the president:

The tweet links to a fundraising page on

It invites participants to donate to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee linking the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, in exchange for entry into the competition.

The small print below, however, links to another page where entrants do not have to contribute to enter the sweepstakes for the prize, which they value at $3,000:

The competition, which runs until Nov. 27, has not gone over well on Twitter.

Most respondents have suggested what they’d rather eat or do instead.

Here’s a sampling of the replies so far:

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