GOP Debate: Newt Gingrich Attacks The Media Again (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich decided to fall back on his "attack the media" act during the NBC GOP debate on Wednesday. (Gingrich had a series of arguments with moderators during the last Fox News debate.)

Telling moderator John Harris that he would "repudiate" any and all media organizations that used the debate format "to get Republicans fighting with each other," Gingrich went on an extended harangue, similar to one at the Fox debate. Naturally, in both situations, the debate organizers were simply trying to help voters determine the differences between the candidates. (And in case Gingrich failed to notice, Perry and Romney very happily fought with each other right at the start of the debate, without being prompted.)

"You want to puff this up into some giant thing," Gingrich said, about the differences between Romney and Perry on health care. "Everyone up here is against Obamacare," he added, pointing out something that no one needed a televised debate to determine. He went on to insist that the entire slate of GOP candidates were part of "a team" dedicated to removing Obama from office.