The GOP's New Hipster Ad Campaign Already Parodied By 'Last Week Tonight' Staff


By now you may have seen the GOP's new ad campaign aimed at millenials. You know, the one which stars a totally "over it" hipster dude in a small leather jacket, Scott Greenberg.

Well, the staff of John Oliver's upcoming late night show, "Last Week Tonight," also tried their hand at creating ads that appeal to hip, young Republicans. Let's just say, their version starring comedian Josh Gondelman has just as much babbling about energy sources or "whatevs," and at least one more Freudian slip.

Watch the first parody ad above, the second below, and if you haven't seen the original GOP ads yet, watch those at the bottom.

"Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" premieres on Sunday, April 27 at 11:00 P.M.

Watch the original GOP ads:

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