GOP House Leader Says McCain "Got The Discussion Going In The Direction That We Wanted"

Just before 2PM, House Republican Whip Roy Blunt told CNN's Jessica Yellin that John McCain's so-called 'rescue mission' on the financial crisis deal negotiations "got the discussion going in the direction that we wanted to see it go all week."

Blunt added that "John McCain came back and said 'Wait a minute, I think the House Republicans have the taxpayers in mind here and I'm with them.'"

Here's video:

As a reminder, just as John McCain arrived in Washington, DC, GOP Rep. Spencer Bachus appeared at a joint news conference with House and Senate leaders of both parties to announce that a deal framework had been reached. Here's video:

Although Bachus was the least enthusiastic of those at the press conference, he clearly stated that (a) he was pleased the the bailout deal would protect taxpayers and that (b) House Republicans were committed to a successful negotiation.

As Bachus made his remarks, John McCain was meeting with John Boehner. Within an hour of that meeting ending, Boehner issued a statement saying House Republicans opposed the deal, repudiating the comments by Bachus.