GOP Group Calls Pro-Trump Commentator A ‘Karen’ And All Hell Breaks Loose

The National Republican Congressional Committee faced a backlash from conservatives over its tweet.

The National Republican Congressional Committee caused a stir among conservatives on Twitter Monday when it called right-wing commentator Kurt Schlichter a “Karen.”

The NRCC hit the pro-Donald Trump pundit with the pejorative label — usually used to describe white women who exhibit entitled behavior ― after he called on the group to stop sending unsolicited text messages seeking donations.

“WTF is wrong with you?” Schlichter asked, alongside a screenshot of one of the group’s messages. “Stop this. Do it now.”  

The NRCC, which raises money and works to elect Republicans to Congress, responded by noting how much funds the message had raised.

It mockingly added: “But we’ll certainly pass your complaints on to our manager, Karen.”

Conservative figures clutched their pearls over the exchange between the NRCC and Schlichter, a controversial columnist for the right-wing Townhall website who’s appeared as a pundit on Fox News and hailed Trump in his latest book.

Others just grabbed the popcorn: