GOP Objects To Putting Health Care Amendments Online

GOP Objects To Putting Health Care Amendments Online

Senate Republicans objected on Monday to a proposal from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that all health care reform amendments must first be posted online before being considered in order.

Reid (D-Nev.), crediting Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) for the idea, asked "unanimous consent that no amendment be in order to the Reid substitute amendment number 2786, and the subsequent substitute amendment H.R. 3590, unless the text or internet link to the text of the amendment is posted on the home page of the official Senate website of the member of the Senate who is sponsoring the amendment prior to the amendment being called for consideration by the Senate and that the amendment is filed at the desk. Further, this unanimous consent agreement shall be in effect for the duration of consideration of H.R. 3590."

A member of the erstwhile "Gang of Six" -- the three Republicans and three Democrats from the finance committee who spent months failing to come to agreement on a compromise bill -- Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wy.) objected to Reid's request.

A message left with Enzi wasn't immediately returned. But on the floor, Enzi said he didn't trust the other party enough to go along. "In light of some of the trust problems and transparency problems we have, while this appears to lead to greater transparency, we can also see ways that this can limit the ability for the minority to offer amendments. And, therefore, I object," he said.

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