GOP Presidential Candidates Are Far Behind GOP Voters on Climate Change

Huffington Post and the blogs are far ahead of the mainstream media on noting how the GOP candidates for president lag public concern on climate change. See, Marco Rubio's pathetic comments to Miami resident Maribel Balbin who traveled to New Hampshire to deliver a climate change message.

Floridian Porter Goss, former CIA director and former Congressman, put it very clearly to meeting of business leaders. Speaking about the gush of polluted water from Big Sugar pouring from the coasts, six years ago Goss called damage to the environment, "our 9/11".

That is not what Rubio said. He confided to Balbin, the answer is "MITIGATION". Rubio said that flooding conditions in his hometown, West Dade, were worse 20 years ago and that "mitigation" in the form of flood control made his little corner of the world better; ergo, a little mitigation should go a long way to solving climate change since that has been his experience. (This is one reason Marco Rubio, "I'm no scientist", is unqualified to be president.)

Here is a photo taken yesterday, in coastal Maine, a harbinger of sea level rise. These lobster traps are stacked on a dock at high tide. There was no wind or storm or moon tide to explain why the tide is cresting over the top of the dock. How are you going to mitigate against THAT, Senator Rubio or Governor Bush?

As Huffington Post recently pointed out, Republican voters in New Hampshire clapped when climate change issues were raised in public forums. It's almost never mentioned in the debates. Climate change is not some bottom of the list issue that needs to percolate before it gets the full, undivided attention of the mainstream media. It is here and now.