GOP Presses ACORN Debate With Costumed Chipmunks

In the clearest sign yet that we Americans do in fact have portions of our minds left to lose comes this news of the ever-evolving attempts of the right to convince people that some crazy conspiracy between ACORN, some properly disclosed faulty voter registrations, poor homeowners, subprime mortgages, William Ayers, the Weather Underground, the actual weather above the ground, and that terrorist planetarium in Chicago with its weaponized overhead projector, actually exists. It hasn't exactly taken root with anyone outside the usual media crackpots, but all that's about to change because now the GOP is getting deep into COSPLAY. Yeah! There's your fracking GAME-CHANGER right there! Grown-ups dressed up as chipmunks!

And look, the idiot chipmunks have a blog, too, where they totally demonstrate the soundness of their arguments through images of them wandering around Times Square with dull expressions on their faces.

"It's a lighthearted way to raise a serious issue," explained McCain spokesman Brian Jones of the furry creatures.

Yeah? Or maybe? Just maybe? YOU ALL ARE HIGH.