Trump Campaign Releases List of Other Things They Blame on Hillary Clinton

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blamed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for a number of things during Monday night's debate, including her husband Bill's signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the collapse of the U.S. economy during President George W. Bush's administration, and the rise of the terrorist organization ISIS.

"I have a feeling that by the end of the evening, I will be blamed for everything that's ever happened," Clinton joked.

"Why not?" Trump responded.

"Why not, yeah, why not?" Clinton said, smiling. "Just join the debate by saying more crazy things."

On Tuesday morning, the Trump campaign released a list of other things it blames on Clinton.

Zero "Bubba" Honor, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, said the list also includes a number of other reasons that conclusively shows that Clinton is unfit to be president.

"Once the American people see this," Honor said, "they will see her for who she really is."

Honor said it's important that voters know the truth about the candidates when they vote on November 8.

"They can vote for someone who believes in equal opportunity, equal justice for all, a living wage, and compassionate treatment for the ill and elderly," he said, "or they can vote for Donald Trump. I hope they make the right choice,"

Here is the list released by the Trump campaign.

Clinton ordered the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Clinton ordered the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Clinton is responsible for perpetuating the hoax of global warming.

Clinton caused the breakup of the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Clinton once tried to go through the express checkout line at a grocery store with 13 items.

Clinton is responsible for why police can't just arrest anyone they want.

Clinton believes in racial and gender equality - and not just for white men.

Clinton is responsible for why the United States can't deport all Mexicans, who we all know are all drug dealers, criminals, and rapists.

When Clinton was a teenager she prank called businesses, including, but not limited to, calling a tobacco store and asking if they "had Prince Albert in a can."

Clinton removes the tag off mattresses in blatant violation of the law.

Clinton jaywalked in New York City in 2007 - and if she denies it, we have the video to prove it.

Clinton is responsible for Donald Trump's lies because her campaign checks his facts.

Clinton consorts with Russian leader Vladimir Putin? (Oh wait, that's Donald Trump. Never mind)

Clinton sometimes texts in movie theaters . . . during the movie!

Clinton broke up The Beatles in 1970.

It's Clinton's fault that Trump won't release his tax returns.

Clinton is a woman and we all know how Donald Trump feels about them.