GOP Rep. John Rose Blocks $19 Billion Disaster Aid Bill

Rose is now the third GOP member to stall a bill that would help millions of Americans affected by natural disasters.

Rep. John Rose (R-Tenn.) blocked a crucial disaster aid bill on Thursday, becoming the third GOP member to stall $19 billion in much-needed aid.

Rose blocked the bill Thursday, complaining that passing the bill by unanimous consent in the House was “a tricky parliamentary tactic.” Republicans allowed the approval of a separate bill that extends flood insurance for two more weeks, the Springfield News-Sun reported.

“Our nation is $22 trillion in debt,” Rose said in the House chamber, adding that trying to pass nearly $20 billion in new spending was “another act of irresponsible big government,” The Washington Post reported.

The bill would give billions of dollars to states, including the U.S. territory Puerto Rico, that have been ravaged by disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. Military branches would also receive millions of dollars to repair bases in states where hurricanes hit. 

The bill was first blocked last week by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who was the lone dissenter in blocking the bill. Roy said he wanted $4.4 billion in border money that President Donald Trump once said he wanted. Trump later nixed the idea in favor of moving the aid package forward. 

A second attempt to pass the bill days later failed when Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) objected on the premise that “at least half of Congress must be present” to vote.

The House is currently in recess, but lawmakers can use unanimous consent to pass bills when the chamber is not in session.