GOP Sends Out "Rape" Comic Book Mailer For Coleman

GOP Sends Out "Rape" Comic Book Mailer For Coleman

AMERICAblog reader JW writes:

I got a self-mailer from the NRSC [National Republican Senatorial Committee] today.

My wife and I have 3 small boys under 6 years old. So when I saw the cartoon cover that says "Come on in kids..." then talks about rape with a little girl on the opposite page you can guess my utter disgust.


How sick are the Republicans? Creating a children's book talking about rape, and then sending it to Minnesota's children, all on behalf of Norm Coleman. So much for Coleman claiming the negative advertising was going to stop. (Then again, Coleman was at a rally last week where Obama was compared to mass murderer Charles Manson.) But making sleazy campaign literature look like a children's book, then sending it unwrapped into Minnesotans' homes so their kids can find it. Not very Senatorial.

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