In Republican Video, Former Federal Officials Sound The Alarm On Trump Obstruction

The behavior of this president "ought to concern anyone that cares about the honest workings of government,” warns a Reagan administration official.

A blow against President Donald Trump was delivered from within the GOP by the Republicans for the Rule of Law in a video nailing Trump on obstruction of justice.

The message was released Thursday, the same day as a similar video-lashing of Trump by the nonpartisan Protect Democracy, which also helped produce the Republican film.

Jeffrey Harris, deputy associate attorney general in the Reagan administration, pointed to the damning findings against Trump in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Harris said that, as a former federal lawman, “I didn’t think it was even a close prosecutorial call as to whether the president obstructed justice.”

The Mueller report “revealed a picture of the president and his presidency in a way which ought to concern anyone that cares about the honest workings of government,” he added. “If the rule of law stands for nothing, then we have anarchy. It’s as simple as that.”

Paul Rosenzweig, deputy assistant secretary of homeland security under President George W. Bush, called “obstruction of justice and perjury ... far more important than most normal crimes” because they “go to the absolute core of how the rule of law functions in this society.”

Donald Ayer, who served as George H.W. Bush’s deputy attorney general, said what particularly disturbed him was the silence of Republicans on Capitol Hill who know that “there is a damning case in the Mueller report of obstruction of justice by the president.”

The group plans to hand-deliver a copy of the video, as well as Robert Mueller’s report with key sections highlighted, to each Republican lawmaker on Monday.

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