GOP Voter Suppression Ad Fails As Pro-Immigrant Americans Refuse to Sit Down and Shut Up

There is a rising tide of anger in America -- voters who refuse to sit down and shut up. We are millions of pro-immigrant Americans who are fighting for reform and refuse to be intimidated by cynical attempts to tap into our frustration that change didn't happen fast enough. Today we speak out with our Latino brothers and sisters targeted by the despicable "don't vote" campaign to say that voter suppression of any kind is un-American and must be rejected.

By now you've heard that a GOP-linked voter suppression ad is being run by a group calling itself Latinos for Reform. Its anti-Obama ad implores Latinos to skip voting in congressional races. Does anyone really think DREAM Act kids and immigration advocates paid money to run these ads claiming to support reform? Please. Upon seeing the ad here on HuffPost, I called up America's iconic Latina for Reform, Dolores Huerta, to get her response.

In an email, Huerta -- the president of the Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing and co-founder of the United Farm Workers -- had this to say:

The Republicans are at it again; continuing their attack against the Latino Community. They outsourced our jobs and tried to stop health care. Republicans support SB 1070 Arizona's racial profiling law and oppose the Dream Act, Immigration Reform, and minimum wages.

Now the Republicans want to increase their political power and hurt our communities more by ASKING US NOT TO VOTE IN THESE MIDTERM ELECTIONS. If we do not vote, Republicans win.

We will not fall into this deceptive trap of no representation by the so called "Latinos for Reform". This latest Republican ploy only motivates us to work harder to make sure every eligible Latino voter will organize others to vote for the Democrats, the candidates that stand up for Latinos and Justice for our families. Our Vote is Our Voice. Si Se Puede!

Signed, Dolores Huerta, president of the Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing and co-founder of the United Farm Workers; titles for identification purposes only

If the GOP thought they could intimidate Latinos, they failed, as pro-immigrant Americans refuse to sit down and shut up. As Dolores Huerta stated, their suppression tactics only motivate Latinos and their allies to fight harder. The GOP's cynical effort will boomerang as millions of pro-immigrant Americans reject the suppression, stand up, speak out, and vote.