Jeremiah Warren's GoPro Puppy Video Shows A Pup's Life In Slow Motion (VIDEO)

Back in February, South African director David Meinert decided to kick things up a notch while filming a music video for his friend Johnny Neon by strapping a GoPro camera onto a dog and letting the pooch run free.

What could have been a disastrous day of filming luckily resulted in playful footage of the pooch's high-spirited romp that gave Neon fans a glimpse at life from a dog's perspective.

Now dog lovers are getting another chance to look at life from a canine perspective -- this time from a puppy's point of view. Texas-based photographer and videographer Jeremiah Warren decided to try a similar film experiment by attaching a GoPro camera to puppies.

"I ran to YouTube and was surprised to find out that while [GoPro films] had been done with adult dogs, no one had done it with puppies," Warren wrote in the video's description on YouTube. "I soon discovered that puppies don't like having cameras on them. I did get a few good shots despite that."

Indeed, the adorable footage captured while the pups are palling around with friends, chasing people and sniffing their way around would seem to qualify the video as a success.

Check out the Warren's video above!