Adorable GoPro Video Shows The First Day Of School From A Kindergartner's Perspective

"It's crucial to try to see the world through your kids eyes."

Parents typically want to know how their children's first days of school went, but often receive no more than one-word answers like "fine" and "OK." This video from Parkway School District in St. Louis gives viewers a glimpse into the first day of kindergarten, from the perspective of a real student.

Six-year-old Adrianna wore a GoPro camera on her first day of kindergarten at Craig Elementary on August 12 and captured highlights like the bus ride, the warm welcome from faculty and administrators and new cubbies.

"From a parent's perspective, we forget how little these kids are, especially kindergarteners," said Adrianna's father Derek Duncan, who works as a digital communications specialist at Parkway School District. "So it was very cool to see what everything looks like to her when us adults are towering over her. Everything is just so big. It takes bravery to do things it would seem."

Duncan said his daughter loved wearing the camera, and her favorite moment from the day was seeing the bubble machine as she walked into school.

Beyond the fun aspects of the video, the dad hopes people who watch it try to think about what it's like to be a child embarking on a new adventure. "As parents and educators, it's crucial to try to see the world through your kids eyes."

So true.

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