GOPs Dis Springsteen

GOPs Dis Springsteen
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So the Republican leadership, led by Bill Frist, won't honor Bruce Springsteen's contributions to American culture with a simple resolution, the type that is usually passed easily by voice vote...
Well, I've got a solution, jiu-jitsu move that goes way beyond getting even.
I posted on the idea last week.
Newly-elected Governor and about to be ex-Senator Jon Corzine should ask Bruce to join Frist in the Senate.
A cosmic joke, Jon--and everyone will get it but Frist...

Seriously, Governor Corzine, why not?
The Senate could use another (a?) fighter for the working class.
New Jersey voters would like it, and you'd be an instant national (indeed, international) hero.
And as I pointed out last week, Bruce could change the rules. He wouldn't have to act like the usual Senator--he could take his show out on the road, a peace-and-justice organizing tour aimed at revitalizing the opposition to a Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, George W. Bush, and the mean-spirited band of conservative thugs who have just finished knocking poor kids off food stamps in order to pay for more tax cuts and their illegal, immoral war.

Make your first move as Governor one to remember. One for the history books. One for the whole world to applaud. Ask Bruce. He was born to run--and he could help us turn this country around.

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