The GOP’s Voter Suppression Playbook Is Real And Treasonous

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An admission: as an upper-class white male in an unflinchingly Blue state, I was previously naive about the extent to which voter disenfranchisement had already impacted our country over the past decade. But the 2016 Presidential elections, along with a set of court cases in the aftermath of 2013’s Voter Rights Act changes, convinced me the GOP is accelerating their attempts to limit opposition voting. So for 2017, and beyond, I’m interested in putting sweat and dollars behind voter rights. Attacking the ability for American citizens to easily participate in the political process isn’t just unconscionable, but strikes me as symbolically treasonous. Since my understanding of these issues is still evolving, here’s how I currently interpret what’s happening:

GOP leadership understands that many of the voters who turned out for Trump are not tried and true Republicans who can be counted on to support their candidates ongoing. The ubernarrative of the country’s demographics tilting towards populations which typically vote independent/Democratic is real (young, Hispanic, urban, female). Accordingly 2017-18, years when the GOP controls Presidency, Senate and House, will be used to accelerate tactics which fight back against the demographic shifts. To be clear, they will try to tilt electoral odds via implicit and explicit voter suppression. This includes:

  • So as Jeff Sessions is put in as Attorney General, with his HORRIBLE and discriminatory voting rights track record, and the Trump administration continues to push a “millions of illegal voters” narrative, it’s setting the path for continued legislative steps towards continued disenfranchisement. And must be stopped.

Ok, if you’re sufficiently pissed, here what you can do:

1. Let America Vote is a new effort from Jason Kander, former Missouri Secretary of State. They’re just getting started but Jason seems like the real deal.

2. ACLU counts Voting Rights as one of their major issue areas. So continue donating.

3. The National Democratic Redistricting Committee is being led by former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and will be fighting back on gerrymandering. Sign up for more info and donate there as well.

4. The Brennan Center for Justice is another group focused on voting rights and legislation.

5. Keep an eye out for voter rights changes at your local state level and fight back

No matter what your political or social beliefs, I hope you will fight for the right of every citizen to vote.

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