Gordon Engle, Single Entrepreneur, Puts Up Highway Billboard To Help Him Find Love (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Puts Up Billboard To Help Him Score A Date

Directness is a virtue in the dating game, and it doesn't get any more straightforward than one Chicago-area native who recently took out a billboard in his search for love.

"...I'm Gordon! Let's have dinner!" is the plainspoken message advertised on a new billboard overlooking the Stevenson Expressway. The advertisement shows entrepreneur Gordon Engle playing the guitar and a link to his website, www.HelpGordyFindLove.com.

"There's not a lot of difference between a billboard and Match.com; I think [a billboard] shows a litte more sincerity," the 40-something Engle told WGN.

The morning news crew grilled Engle on why he chose the unconventional route of a billboard over online dating and other traditional options. Engle's response:

"You can drop $19.95 for Match.com or drop some real coin for a billboard," who said the eye-catching ad cost "a few thousand." Engle said the cost is justified considering the importance of finding the right match:

"You'll spend several thousand on education, a quarter million on a house, spend all this money on a car, but what's your most important thing? Your significant other. You're going to go cheap on that?"

WGN reports Engle and his friends created the site after the divorcé became frustrated with online dating. The site includes testimonials from friends and photos and videos of Engle enjoying his hobbies such as traveling, cooking and guitar playing. HelpGordyFindLove.com even has a questionnaire for interested ladies, with questions like "If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?" and whether applicants believe in God or life after death.

So far, Engle said he has about 15-20 "solid" applicants and that many more have been wishing him well even if they're not interested in a date.

As for how potential dates know he's not a "creeperton" (in the words of WGN Morning News' Robin Baumgarten), Engle asked, "Did you Google me?" before responding that he's interested in "friendship first."

Engle, who goes by "Gordy," told Fox Chicago he's since moved to Charlotte, N.C. but opted to put the sign up in Chicago because he was born in the area -- suburban Elmhurst to be exact -- and that the Windy City is where his parents met. Plus, Engle believes the Windy City has good stock; according to his website, Engle said "I think Chicagoans are just awesome people with great values."

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