Gordon Klingenschmitt, Former Navy Chaplain: Gays 'Should Be Discriminated Against'

Former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt is joining a growing chorus of right-wing voices who are actually arguing in favor of discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

"If your heart is full of corruption or sin or immorality -- in this case, homosexuality -- then you should be discriminated against," Klingenschmitt argued on an installment of his "Pray In Jesus Name" show this week, according to Right Wing Watch.

"When these confusing statutes now try to redefine discrimination and say that you can no longer discriminate against character ... they're actually saying Martin Luther King himself ought to be punished for his views, and that's not right," he added.

Klingenschmitt, of course, is no stranger to expressing anti-LGBT views. In 2012, the former Navy chaplain came forward with claims that he was able to actually "exorcise" homosexuality out of individuals on an installment of "The David Pakman Show."

He also slammed President Barack Obama for being "on the wrong side of history" for supporting same-sex marriage, before claiming that he believes everyone is born straight.

"Ultimately history will be decided by God, who is the judge of all mankind," Klingenschmitt said at the time. "People who side with homosexual sin will be judged by God for promoting that sin, including our own president, Barack Obama."

Klingenschmitt's views also echo those of Bryan Fischer. The American Family Association pundit recently claimed that it was "right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior."



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