Gordon Liddy Struggles Embarrassingly To Defend Birther Conspiracy (VIDEO)

Gordon Liddy Struggles Embarrassingly To Defend Birther Conspiracy (VIDEO)

Watergate conspirator and conservative radio host G. Gordon Liddy went on Hardball Thursday afternoon to address the inexplicably still-debated question over whether or not President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

The exchange was, at times, excruciating to watch as a largely catatonic Liddy struggled to explain the slew of evidence that points to Obama's U.S. citizenship. At one point, Matthews showed Liddy a certificate of live birth, which he noted was sufficient enough documentation to get a passport issued by the State Department.

"Let me see it, if you would. It's interesting that it's redacted," Liddy said, pointing to a sequence of numbers in the upper right hand corner.

Matthews then produced a copy that wasn't redacted. "What do you think now?" he asked.

There wasn't much to think about. Liddy went through the normal litany of "birther" conspiracy points, including a "sworn statement" from Obama's step-grandmother that she saw him born in Mombasa, Kenya. But for the one-time Nixon hand and current hawker of Rosland Capital gold coins, it was a painful segment at best, with Matthews sitting back and letting Liddy trip all over himself.


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