Gordon Ramsay And Julia Child Have A Rap War, And It's Tasty

"I got Michelin stars. You're like the Michelin man."


Culinary giants Gordon Ramsay and Julia Child cook up heated verse in a new edition of "Epic Rap Battles Of History."

Actors playing Ramsay, a decorated chef with a notorious temper, and the late Child, the queen of cooking shows back in the day, hurl delicious insults at each other.

Says Ramsay: "I'm a seasoned skillet, you're a Pam-sprayed pan. I got Michelin stars. You're like the Michelin Man."

Child serves a few zingers, too. "Been chopping the pommes frites since you sucked on your mom's teat. I served America dutifully and I slice lard beautifully."

So there.

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