Gordon Ramsay's Unpaid Bills Rack Up: Now Meat Supplier Says 200K Owed

Gordon Ramsay's Unpaid Bills Rack Up: Now Meat Supplier Says 200K Owed

The saga of "Hell's Kitchen" star Gordon Ramsay's unpaid restaurant bills continues. Last week, the New York Post reported that two wine suppliers have filed suit against the chef for tens of thousands of dollars of wine delivered to Ramsay's restaurant at the London Hotel in New York's midtown, but were never paid for. Wine importer V.O.S. Selections is suing Ramsay for $38,000 in unpaid bills, and Wineberry America for $40,900.

Other lawsuits abound, including $89,000 Ramsay is said to owe for a cleaners' bill at his restaurant at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

And today, the New York Post's Page Six reports that Bronx-based meat supplier Endicott meats is claiming Gordon Ramsay owes them $190,000 for various products delivered to his restaurant in the London Hotel in New York. Accounting for the figure are deliveries of everything from duck breasts to racks of lamb to sweetbreads and bacon, according to Michael Braunschweiger, owner of Endicott Meats.

"Just like with the wine guys, he basically stopped responding to me in November," Braunschweiger told the Post, adding, "He skipped out on the bill and doesn't answer calls... For a guy who goes on TV and tells people how they should be running their business, maybe he should first learn how to run his own. It seems like he spends more time on TV and scouring for women, or whatever it is he does these days." Braunschweiger was alluding to an additional scandal surrounding Ramsay -- accusations, denied by the chef, that he cheated on his wife with at least three other women in 2008.

The New York Post has additional comments from Braunschweiger, and notes that Ramsay's reps at William Morris Endeavor have not responded to requests from comment.

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