Gordon Ramsay's 5 Basic Cooking Lessons Involve No Anger, Lots Of Helpful Tips

This is one "hell" of a how-to.

Chef Gordon Ramsey may be a devil in his gourmet kitchen, but he's surprisingly helpful when handling raw salmon at home.

In the above video posted earlier this spring, the "Hell's Kitchen" star teaches five basic cooking tips to make home meal prep a breeze. We love learning that some rice should be rinsed before cooking, and that olive oil keeps pasta from sticking together in the pot.

But the video's true highlight is the intense-yet-calm flourish Ramsay imposes on every move he makes, even the simplest demonstration of how to dice an onion. This is a how-to video that will keep you glued to the screen... and maybe even teach you something, too.

Happy cooking!

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