Sondland Had The Biggest Smirk On His Face Amid Impeachment Hearing

A photo of ambassador Gordon Sondland staring directly at the camera during President Donald Trump's impeachment hearing made the rounds on Twitter.

European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland delivered the smirk to end all smirks amid Wednesday’s public hearing in the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump, causing social media to make him a meme.

After Matt McCain snapped the following image of Sondland for the Washington Post, the photograph quickly made the rounds on Twitter:

The photograph surfaced not long after Sondland delivered a devastating opening statement that indicated that “everyone” knew “Trump’s desires and requirements” on Ukraine.

“We followed the president’s orders,” he said, before adding that there was in fact a “quid pro quo” at play.

Sondland’s smirk launched, respectively, a thousand memes, and we’ve collected a handful of the best ones: