Gore Vidal Death: 25 Things The Literary Great Hated

With Gore Vidal's death yesterday, we lost a major American iconoclast.

Vidal was a man of many words, quite a few of them extremely negative. Writer Arthur Hopcraft referred to him as "a good hater." Vidal responded: "I am quite sure you mean it maliciously. You are a journalist. I pay no attention to most people. The opinion of the world does not mean a goddamn to me. I hate nobody."

We beg to differ. He had problems with many people and things. Some of the feuds even came to blows: Norman Mailer headbutted Vidal in the greenroom during their appearances on "The Dick Cavett Show". Mailer also punched Vidal at a dinner party, to which Vidal famously responded, “Words fail Norman Mailer yet again.”

Here's a compilation of some of the other things/people Gore Vidal hated, seriously disliked, and/or feuded with.

25 Things Gore Vidal Hated