Gore Vidal's Former Italian Home, Villa La Rondinaia, Shows Late Author's Love Of Amalfi Coast (PHOTOS)

Gore Vidal, the prolific American author who passed away on July 31, left behind both an intellectual legacy and a reputation for living large.

His former home in Ravello, Italy, dubbed Villa La Rondinaia or Swallow's Nest, which he sold in 2004, isn't open to the public, but has long been surrounded by rumors that it will be turned into a seven-room hotel by local hotelier Vincenzo Palumbo, who has said he would keep mementos from the famous author around the house.

Arianna Huffington visited the home in 2005 and sat with Vidal on the terrace overlooking the coastline. Vidal, Huffington wrote, called the area on which his then-home sat, "Magna Graecia."

The home is available for photo shoots and weddings, so curious travelers and Vidal fans alike can catch a glimpse while traveling through the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Check out photos of Vidal and the cliffside home below.

Gore Vidal's Italy home

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