Gore Will Be TIME's POY: No Doubt In My Mind

In a mere handful of hours, TIME Magazine will announce its Person of the Year.

Given former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore's massive passion and visibility advocating environmental causes, it is virtually impossible to see anyone else getting the nod. From carbon footprints to going to Bali, to winning the Nobel Peace Prize, who else?

Heck, one could argue that it has been the author of "An Inconvenient Truth"' 's efforts to teach us all about climate change that forced that very phrase out of President Bush's lips at the State of the Union address this past January.

So expect a warm and fuzzy profile, sidebar pieces of those in the political, business, and citizenry spheres energized by Al's efforts, and maybe another sidebar piece about why Al is not running for President again, and how he might do if he did.

The only other possible choice might be Barack Obama. I mean, Sen. Obama has energied millions including his quest to be the first elected African-American President. But its early, and he hasn't yet won a primary. For those reasons he is not on TIME's top eight POY candidate list, so I don't think we are going to be surprised here. Ahmeninijad? Despite this creep's high news visibility this year, naming a Holocaust-denier POY would be unpalatable to so many TIME readers, and yes, advertisers.

Sometimes TIME does not pick one person, but a group of people. It might be a nice touch to select The American Reservist- he and she who have been asked to serve longer than they had expected to, and at great inconveniences to their loved ones and employers back home stateside, are fulfilling their commitment so honorably. Even though their civilian commanders in Washington are not.