9 Of The Most Uniquely Gorgeous Airbnbs From Around The World

Staying at a hotel is great, but staying at a house made out of seashells is even better.

Thanks to Airbnb, the website that allows people to rent out their homes and apartments to travelers, thousands of spectacular homes are at your finger tips whenever you go on vacation.

And because you could literally spend hours on the site perusing gorgeous houses, we teamed up with the folks at Airbnb.com to track down nine standout properties from around the world. From tree houses in Georgia to stark white apartments in Ibiza and caravans in Belgium, these places will give you serious wanderlust. BRB, we're off to plan our next vacation.

Highlights: Three separate rooms, each connected by rope-bridges, a hammock lying beneath a 150-year-old southern short-leaf pine tree and a bed that can be rolled outside onto a platform so you can sleep beneath the trees.

Rate: $350/night

Accommodates up to: Two people

Highlights: Beautiful design, stunning spiral staircase and a shower made of tile and shells.

Rate: $249/night

Accommodates up to: Four people

Stay at the Seashell House.

Highlights: Powered by solar panels, this remote house doesn't have Wi-Fi or television, so you can really unplug and enjoy the amazing views and vistas in all directions.

Rate: $360/night

Accommodates up to: Four people

Stay at the Off-Grid itHouse.

Highlights: This multi-level bamboo house sits on the edge of the Ayung River valley and allows you to live both inside and outside at the same time. The private pool, hammocks and bamboo furniture help to make this a house to remember.

Rate: $695/night

Accommodates up to: 10 people

Highlights: This house has been featured in the likes of Vogue Japan, Elle Decor and Maison et Jardin, and for good reason. The exquisite decor is an artist's haven and the outdoor seating, beautiful swimming pool and well-tended garden make it the perfect oasis in the south of France.

Rate: $1,092/night

Accommodates up to: 12 people

Highlights: Designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, this apartment features white interiors with splashes of bright colors, giving it a very modern (and cool) vibe.

Rate: $215/night

Accommodates up to: Four people

Highlights: The exterior of the house is covered with mirrors and the interior features eclectic furniture and artwork.

Rate: $165/night

Accommodates up to: 10 people

Highlights: The view, the view, and did we mention, the view?

Rate: $1,199/night

Accommodates up to: Eight people

Stay at the Villa Moon Shadow.

Highlights: For anyone who isn't into camping, this indoor-camping site in Belgium can host six people in various cute caravans.

Rate: $60/night

Accommodates up to: Six people

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