27 Gorgeous Real Wedding Photos In Celebration Of Love

Love makes the world go 'round. 💚🌍

"Love is love is love is love."

So said Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the musical "Hamilton," in his acceptance speech at Sunday night's Tony Awards, giving tribute to those who lost their lives in the Orlando mass shooting tragedy.

In the spirit of celebrating love of all kinds, below are 27 stunning photos from HuffPost readers who have recently tied the knot.

"Dion and Nathan!" -- Vincent Lopez
"Victoria and Todd married in a stunning, beach-side ceremony in Hawaii this weekend. They brought everyone to tears with their vows! Truly a celebration to remember." -- Ashley Reich
"Congratulations to Kendré and Lawrence! Such a beautiful wedding." -- Meg Darket
"Jim and Emily celebrated their wedding on Friday at Danada House in Wheaton, Illinois." -- Neringa "Neri" Ridges
"Tracy and Ashley tied the knot today, and it was a celebration filled with love and insane amounts of laughter. This one was for the books!" -- Caroline Talbot
"That look on Andrew's face is priceless!" -- Robert Radifera
"The bride and groom couldn't be any happier! Congratulations, Ty and Shawree!" -- Sonia Neu
"Hannah and Josh seeing each other Saturday for the first time in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.” -- Hooman Bahrani
"Could these two get any cuter? Happy wedding day, Elizabeth and Leah!" -- Maven Events
"Marty and Megan’s wedding at New Park in Ithaca, New York!" -- Kara Abbey
"Clayton and Lyssa were married in Addison, Pennsylvania. They found forever love on Tinder! The best man's speech said it best, 'Thank God Lyssa didn't swipe left!'" -- Brittany Anderson
"A first look can be just as emotion-filled and special as seeing each other for the first time at the altar. Katie and Emily's first look was definitely both. Full of tears, smiles and love!" -- Joseph and Andrea
Jason Garton
"Beautiful Islamorada wedding! The two brides Lexi and Michelle could not be happier and spent the evening with family and friends." -- Jason Garton
"Jaime and Jeremey had a great wedding Friday at the O.Henry Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina." -- Hooman Bahrani
"Rich, beautiful colors, joyous faces and happy dancing make for a lovely day of photography." -- Lynzie
"Melissa and Matt tied the knot at NorthStar Golf Club yesterday!" -- Rebecca Cook
"Laurie and Michael tied the knot on a warm and sunny Saturday this weekend. They were married on Laurie's grandparents' farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania." -- Melissa Engle
"I've been procrastinating blogging this wedding -- mainly because I can't get through the photos with dry eyes and because there's so much I want to say about Nathan and Joe but I simply don't have words that will do justice to their beautiful hearts." -- Cadence and Eli
"Dr. Isaac Naazie, a medical director at Kamina Barracks, weds wife Dominica. They had their special military marriage ceremony in Tamale, Ghana." -- Geoffrey Buta
"Derek and Mollie Luidhardt tied the knot in Tiffin, Ohio on Saturday June 11. Congratulations!" -- Dan Kinzie
"The fog rolled in as Stephanie and Marc were wrapping up their phenomenal wedding celebration at the Hollow Brook Golf Club in Cortlandt, New York." -- Kevin Ferguson
"Veronica and Andrew's wedding at Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, Tennessee." -- Kathleen Atkins
"Congratulations to Jeremy and Erin! They tied the knot this Saturday in a beautiful backyard ceremony in Hollister, California." -- Lisa Robinson
"Danielle and Kyle, June 11 in Woodstock, Ontario." -- Darren Hatt
"Van and Mike were married this weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. Guests flew in from around the world to celebrate their special day." --Rich
"Ashley and Paul got married this Saturday in Durham, New Hampshire." -- Christophe Z.
"Jade and James take their walk down the aisle as husband and wife at Civic Gardens in London, Ontario!" -- Sandra McMahon

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag your photos #HPrealweddings or e-mail one to us afterwards and we may feature it on the site!

For more real wedding photos, check out the slideshow below:

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