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Gorgeous Valentine's Day Video Shows A Love Parents Will Recognize Immediately

UNICEF pays tribute to "the greatest love of all."

Love comes in many forms, but one of the purest examples is the love parents feel for their children.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, UNICEF released a video that pays tribute to this bond. The video features parents in Belize as they describe their hopes for their kids, the obstacles they face, and the role they play in their lives.

The emotional video is part of UNICEF’s #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign, which focuses on the ways that children’s early experiences ― like their interactions with caregivers ― influence their brain development.

“Investment in early childhood is one of the most cost effective ways of increasing the ability of all children to reach their full potential ― increasing their ability to learn in school and, later, their earning capacity as adults,” states a press release for the video.

“UNICEF is calling for governments to increase investments in early childhood, expand health and social services offered to young children, and strengthen support services for parents and caregivers.”

The early moments really do matter.